Redirecting captive portal logging ?

  • Hi,

    I just started using Pfsense and really appreciate the great job.

    Instead of using the built-in captive portal, I'd like to redirect all requests to a remote captive portal connected with my radius server (Radius Manager), for example : is this possible and how ?

    I tried to add a login.html file to my pfsense, with this inside :

    header("Location: http://xx.xx.xx.xx/radiusmanager");

    but of course, it doesn't work, since my php is very limited :-)))

  • Hi,

    we redirect here to our own hand rolled captive portal and have simpy edited the portal html page.

    It display the text redirecting with a small animated gif and after 2 seconds rediects throuh a refresh.

    The landing page basically has a link to T&C's with an accept check box, accepting the the T&C's then allows you to connect to the internet which depending on what mode you are running in either logs them in automatically to radius with a set of credentials returned to the landing page through a curl proxied ajax call or takes them to a login page.

    The landing page and login page are all held on pfsense.

    Please ask if you need any other information.



  • I'm late answering, sorry :-)

    I tried to add some code to my captured html page, called index.html, but it didn't work. Have you any example of an html file I could use as example ?

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