PFSense ESX Server Crashes

  • I have pfsense installed on our esx cluster 3.5 which is fully patched up since installing pfsense on the cluster the node it's hosted on crashes.  We moved all the other VMS to the other node barring pfsense and it still crashes the host.  Once we removed pfsense the host becomes stable and stays running for days, even when we repopulate the other vm's on to the node.

    Has anyone else seen this behaviour on esx?

  • No, and i'm running a lot of pfSense Vm's on ESX(from ESX version 2.0 up to 3.5u3 ).
    In fact, i've only seen a VM 'crashing' ESX(with 100% hardware) when memory/disk/swapspace was full.

    I would recommend looking at the log files(/var/log/messages , /var/log/vmkernel, and the VM logfiles  vmware-**.log inside you VM''s directory on VMFS/NFS ), to see where it goes wrong. Also I would recommend to run memtest for 24 hours on a ESX node. When you add a VM, memory usage changes, so maybe there is a problem with that.

  • I've got about 20 pfsense vm's running without any problems running ver 3.5.2
    I have done quite a bit of serious testing with pfsense and have had not issues like the one you have described. I would be looking at /var/log/messages and kernel message to get to the "root" of the issue.

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