CP and squid with logs per AuthUser

  • As I read on topic CP and Squid I have the following configuration in order to have Captive Portal features enabled + logging by Squid.

    squid page general settings:
    proxy interface: lan
    allow users on interface: checked
    transparent proxy: checked
    enabled logging: checked, "useful for squid report"

    squid cache management:
    keep all with default values and modify as per your computer specifications
    enabled offline mode: checked

    captive portal:
    enable captive portal checked
    interface: lan
    idel timeout: 10 minutes
    concurrent user logins: checked
    authentication: local user manger "make sure you add users

    Everything goes fine but I'm unable to have website logging per-AuthName (not per IP or client-name): logging is per IP. As I can see, log is written per IP, also if I need per AuthName.

    How can I have all CP features enabled (no Skype/IM, email, FTP, browsing without auth plus no need to modify config on the client) plus website visited logged per user?

    Thank you very much for help and suggestions.

  • I need to do the same,

    I need to log each user's activity on the web. I'm in need of a report that includes username's with date&time and websites visited.

    Is it possible?

  • DestekTeknik,
    sorry to tell for pfsense, but the solution I found and I'm going to test is to use another appliance I found in the internet. Following the URL: http://www.zeroshell.net/

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