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    I have setup a captive portal service in my office network to allow Guest to access the Internet. However, our company does not allow office laptops from connecting to the Guest network. Since we only have like 10 laptops, what I did was to block all the 10 laptops mac addresses in the PFsense captive portal feature under MACs setting. The setting works perfectly fine and I have no issue with it. However, when our office laptops attempted to connect to the Guest network, they were being redirected to a page stating that mac address has been blocked. My question is how can I modify this page to something else like to put my own company logo, disclaimer, etc? The attached file is the original page which I wish to modify it so that the laptop user wont know we are using PFSense. Hope someone here can give me an advice on this. Thanks.Block-Mac.PNG

  • @bryanfoo79 said in This MAC address has been blocked:

    My question is how can I modify this page to something else

    Somehow you totally missed what the captive portal of pfSense can do for you.

    Check this :


    View the 3 Captive portal pfSense (Netgate) videos.

    Apply this simple rule : RTFM. It's all there.

    Bassically, you should write your own html (with some PHP) file that contains some mandatory info, and other text/images/whatever you like.
    You'll be needing the error page aoso. This is the same page as the main index file, added to it the red line that shows a message (the error as you saw yourself).

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