How do you remove 'Unknown user defined feeds'?

  • In the new pfBlockerNG-devel - how do you remove 'unknown user defined feeds'?

    I'm experimenting with pi-hole now but plan to use pfBlockerNG-devel as a backup for in case the pi-hole server goes down. I just removed the old PfBlockerNG and installed the new version to play with. I see lots of feeds, some of which are the same as a few old user defined feeds. Other old feeds I don't want at all. How do I remove them?

    At this time, the new package is disabled. I'll plug it in later when nobody else is on the network to give it a test drive.

    Thank you.

  • You could deselect the "Save settings" check box on the first page and then uninstall/reinstall or
    rm -rf /var/db/pfblockerng/ then force an update.

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