Managed to connect to Pfsense through OpenVPN, but cannot ping other instances

  • Hi,

    With the following build diagram, I have managed to connect to my pfsense in AWS using OpenVPN, and it's been assigned ip in the CC-VPN subnet.
    I've been able to ping the Interface on;, and But that's as far as I can get. I can't ping my server located in and other subnets as well.

    I have set up the NAT, Firewall Rules in pfsense, and have difficulty finding out the cause for this error. CC-CORPORATE, CC-USER, CC-FINANCE can ping each other.

    Thank you very much for the response and help.

    AWS-CloudConnections.drawio-2 (1)-AWS Build v2.jpg

  • Check the firewall rules on the OpenVPN interface.

  • This is my current setting so far on the OpenVPN rules

  • What a mess!

    You may have run the wizard multiple times without removing the former settings.

    Is the client really connected?
    The first 2 rules here belong to the WAN interface. Are there identicals? There won't come in any packet on OpenVPN interface for destination WAN address.

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