Resolved: OpenVPN Client Wont access LAN services

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    Well this is really embarrassing, after trying and trying again. I finally got it working. The issue probably took longer than necessary as my network troubleshooting is lacking.

    However it was very simply the traffic was being blocked by the LAN service I was trying to connect to's firewall.
    Would recommend if anyone else is having trouble with openvpn stuff to check out the following link.
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    Hello, appologies if my topic is not very clear. I will attempt to clairify my best.

    Using the OpenVPN wizard I was able to generate a configuration that was successful in getting my laptop(Windows 10), to connect over WAN. Specifically over LTE tethering using my cellphone.

    My laptop used my LAN dns for domain name resolution, could get to sites and was assigned a ip address within a vpn only subnet. It could access my pfsense webportal, or login page etc. However when connected via OpenVPN my laptop could not contact any LAN servers(such as my free nas SMB share).

    It would seem to me this used to be covered as "Bridging" between the OpenVPN connection and the LAN connection. However the page states the following "The information in this article was completely irrelevant to current versions and has been removed.".

    So is what I am trying to do redundant to how OpenVPN is intended to work?
    My understanding was a VPN should be like a distance LAN.
    Or is what I am trying to do considered bad practice/a stupid idea?
    Or did I just mess something up?

    If there is simply an article that anwsers all theese questions I would love to read it. However RTFM hasn't panned any results for me yet. Although I have just been digging around the OpenVPN docs.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading my awful writing.

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