SG-3100 / Multiple PRIs / Trying To Get IPTV and Internet Working Together

  • Hello, I'd like to start off by apologizing for my lack of networking knowlege compared to many people on this forum. Here is the problem I'm facing that I'm hoping someone would be kind enough to point me in the right direction at least.

    I currently have fibre internet access at home and one ONT uplink available to my service provider ( SaskTel ). Their television service rides on vlan 1000 using a PRI of 2, and their internet service rides on vlan 1000 with a PRI of 0. Is it possible to have both IPTV and Internet service be provisioned / routed though one pfsense router without needing an upstream network switch and/or additional hardware? I'm able to assign the correct vlan and "802.1Q VLAN Priority" to the WAN interface for either internet or iptv but not both at the same time. Thanks for your help and patience ☺ .

  • Are both services actually on VLAN 1000? That seems unusual. You'd create multiple VLANs and assign appropriate priority to each. Typically, you'd have the Internet on the native LAN and priority stuff on a VLAN, with priority assigned.

    BTW, based on this and other posts, I'm beginning to think those fibre boxes are actually two separate devices, connected with a switch. Do the 2 services have different MAC addresses?

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