Problems when captive portal+radius and radius goes down

  • I've been doing some testing recently with pfsense RC1 on a wrap with captive portal and radius authentication. The problems arise when the radius server is offline or not available because users that are logged can keep surfing the web without accounting and users that aren't logged don't even reach the captive portal page. Is there any way to disconnect all users when radius server becomes unavailable?

    Anyone noticed similar problems?

    All comments or ideas are welcome.


  • Hit save again at the CP portal settings page, or disable it and reenable it. This should reset all userlogons.

  • Maybe I didn't explain correctly the problem. I have enabled every minute reauthentication in the captive portal page. It happens that when I shutdown the radius server (simulating a failure of the server) people who are logged on can continue surfing the web while people that are not logged cannot logon. The problem is that people should be logged off automatically when the radius server isn't available preventing them from surfing the web without their activity beeing accounted. Maybe it could be solved if, when enabling "reauthenticate every minute" captive portal disconnects clients not only when it receives an ACCES-REJECT from the radius but also when the radius doesn't answer the ACCES-REQUEST by the router.


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