TP LINK AP with Pfsense problems

  • Morning.

    We want to use a TP-LINK in AP mode in order of give wifi to our guests.

    We create a VLAN (with TAG number paired with CISCO switch) and conected the ap.

    we can reach the VLAN on LAN but we cant reach the AP or get access to internet

    we have a LAN TO VLAN * * * * rules and
    VLAN TO LAN * * * * too


    lan subnet 172.22.223.x
    vlan subnet 172.22.222.x
    ap ip 172.22.222.x

    what im missing?

    thanks in advice

  • @jafdza4

    I also have a TP-Link AP and found it does not support VLANs properly, just like some of their switches.

    Also, when you set up guest WiFi, you don't normally allow guests to access the main LAN. Based on your description, I'm not really sure what you're doing. As for the AP, can you reach it from the VLAN?

  • @JKnott We just want guests to access internet and our server folders (the ones who have credentials ofc)
    we can access the ap when we are conected to the ap wifi but we cannot when we have a VLAN ip configured

  • What model tp-link ap is it? even there more expensive put the web ui as untagged (kind of silly when default state broadcasts whatever network it is on openly) so you may want to untag the port on your cisco switch for whatever vlan you intend to manage the ap with. If the ap is one that doesn't support vlan tagging just untag all traffic on vlan you want it to broadcast on give the ap an ip in 172.22.222.x range and add an allow rule on your land interface to this ip. Also ensure you have an allow rule to ! (or however you want to do it) on your ap interface for internet traffic.

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