OpenVPN client interupted code 4

  • Hi i have problem with my pfsense openvpn client. I would like to connect my pfsense as client to openvpn network. I created a new client but openvpn deamon unable to start.

    Its saying: event_wait : Interrupted system call (code=4)

    Whole log:
    Bez názvu.png

    Any modification in client config is not working, still same error

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    That is just you killing the process when reconfiguring which terminates and restarts the client process. You are interrupting the system call that is listening for traffic when you give it the SIGTERM signal.

    The more-telling log entries are the Inactivity-timeout entries. I'd be sure that is actually receiving your traffic on UDP/1194, the TLS keys match, etc..

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