multi lan and alieses

  • I have 2 lans, LAN1 and LAN2 which are and Each LAN has an identical DCHP - 192.168.x.100-254, with 192.168.x.1-99 reserved for static mappings. What I'm trying to do is only allow the static IPs to cross from one LAN to the other, while DHCP IPs cannot cross lans. I concluded that aliases are the way to accomplish this. So far I've created 2 aliases, one with the range of static IPs, and one with the DHCP range. After this I created 2 firewall rules on LAN2. The first blocks the dhcp alias, the second allows the static range. Yet when I ping an address on LAN2 from a device on LAN1 with an IP in the DHCP range, it goes through. I presume I've overlooked something fairly simple but I'm not having any luck here. Here are screenshots of the aliases and rules. Let me know if i need to share anything else.
    dhcp alias
    static alias
    block rule
    allow rule

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