OpenVPN Remote Access Server - only first connection works fine.

  • Hello!
    As I can understand it is a common problem, but there is no typical solution.
    I have configured OpenVPN for remote access with wizard.
    First client connected and all works fine. Client have access anywhere I want (as per configured subnets). But any another clients can connect, get the routes and then....nothing. They cannot ping anything including VPN server.

    As per my investigation it is due to additional tunnels does not created at pfSense side. is my VPN server. is the first connected client.


    While 2-nd and another clients connected there is no additional tunnels like --> 10.150.100.x created.

    I have even reinstall pfSense and confugure VPN from a scratch. There is no effect.

    Please give me an idea.

    My config







  • Do you use different user certificates for each client?

  • Of course.
    The certificates are different.
    also clients gets different IP's.

  • LAYER 8 Rebel Alliance

    You have the User CSOs in place? VPN > OpenVPN > Client Specific Overrides
    I always start with .11 for the first user, second .12 and so on.
    Afaik should not be your first user, it's the 'virtual' Gateway used by OpenVPN. You don't see the clients in the system routing table, they are managed inside OpenVPN.


  • @Rico I have no CSO

  • LAYER 8 Rebel Alliance

    Check the OpenVPN Routing table in Status > OpenVPN
    And give it a try with CSOs.


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