DHCP on VLAN interface stopped working

  • Hi there, I just upgraded to 2.4.4-RELEASE-p3 (from p1) and looks like VLAN (the DHCP to be exacxt) stopped working. All I get a 169.254.xx.xx addess on all of the previously working VLAN interface(s), which tells me about something to do with DHCP?? Is there anything already known/reported or am I mising something or something didn't go vety well during the upgrade. the is no such visiable eror on pfSense at all. Can anyone help or put me the right direction. Just let me know if you need to see anything for debug purpose.


  • Have you tried to see if restoring a previous backup works? Sounds like you changed some config (probably on the external switch or pfsense box) that dropped all connections.

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