Setting up m0n0mon for multiple interface monitoring

  • Just in case you have multiwan and are interested in live views of all your lines on your desktop ;-)

    I just found out that with the new m0n0mon version you can have several instances running with it's own configfile each like

    monomon.exe -config:<path>\wan1.conf
    monomon.exe -config:<path>\wan2.conf

    Set up each instance to show another WAN and mark them as "autorun Connection". Then check "start with windows" and "automatically start all connections marked as autorun". You also can use additional parameters ( ) to set it up.

    Just wanted to let you know that it's not limited to monitoring one interface only (which it was previously as the configuration was stored in the registry and thus no different configs could coexist).

    Of course you need SNMP enabled at your pfSense to use it.</path></path>

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