More IP6 woes...

  • A complete pave and rebuild of my pfSense box has got the previous issues sorted, clients now have a connection - hence a new thread.

    At some point the LAN interface loses the IP6 address, effectively disconnecting any clients who are using the IP6 address for things like DNS resolution, because of client caches I don't see it happen immediately, and I although think it is following a WAN reconnection I haven't been able to prove anything.

    I can't see this being a config issue, but I would like to be able to establish what the actual behaviour is in order to work out what the next step should be.

    Currently running 2.5.0.a.20190606.0643

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    Probably this issue, or related to it at least:

  • Thanks - it could be related, I'm not seeing the alljoin error anywhere in my logs though. I'll keep an eye on it.

  • Just to add some extra information, my box has gone into a state where the LAN interface lists an IP6 address, but no services respond to clients. IP4 is working and I have been able to SSH in to ping and nslookup against the Lan IP6 interface.

    As yet I don't have more evidence to show when the problem occurs.

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    the symptoms seem the same, log should be here -> Status / System Logs /System / Routing
    i have ipv6 address on my lan but i noticed that the gateway was missing after some times on my windows 10

  • I definitely don't have that in my routing log - the only thing I have is

    prefix length should be 64 for re1

    spamming the log every few seconds and that is a bit odd as it's working fine at the moment and the prefix it's getting is automatic anyway.

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    I've noticed some oddities here as well but haven't had time to dig in. Clients on a network can't ping my edge pfSense (on 2.5.0) with IPv6 until it pings them. Almost like it isn't participating in neighbor discovery. IPv6 on the edge box is all static, not using a DHCP WAN/track there.

  • Thanks Jim, If you need any data from my system, logs, traces etc. then feel free to drop me PM.

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