Connected but can not Access Internet & pfsense

  • I can not access the internet or pfsense console after I have connected to the openvpn server from the radius server. I am successfully connected with a signed IP of after I have authenticated with 2fa.

    Pfsense =
    Openvpn Clicent =
    Default Interfaces
    Default Parameters
    Free radius server installed as the backend authentication (residing within pfsense)
    I have a 2nd server running on a different port within the same pfsense and can log in fine, access internet and pfsense console.

    Checked the following:

    1. Firewall Rules are fine
    2. DNS is set to and confirmed on the client route table
    3. Firewall Logs - (no sign of the client (me) trying to ping pfsense)
    4. Successful Authentication from the VPN Server

    I think the client is fine, and authenticating to the radius server is fine, but data going out of the vpn server once authenticated gets lost somehow?
    Not sure what else I need to check. Any help is greatly appreciated on trying to connect to the pfsense and internet from my 2fa free radius vpn server?

    VPN Servers.png
    Firewall Rules.png

  • LAYER 8 Rebel Alliance

    Hmmm I've never tried with multiple OpenVPN Instances running together and sharing the same tunnel network.
    Can you disable the first one (port 34430), restart the second one just to make sure and try again?


  • That was the issue!!! So it looks like we can't run multiple VPN servers on the same PFSense than?

  • LAYER 8 Rebel Alliance

    Sure you can, I have 50 OpenVPN Instances up and running.
    But you need to use unique tunnel networks per Instance.


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