OpenVPN client shows as connected after reboot, but no internet

  • It only starts working when I manually restart the service. Any ideas?


  • LAYER 8 Rebel Alliance

    Huh...I don't think anyone can help since you provide like no useful information.


  • I am not sure what else to add. I have an openvpn client configured in pfsense. When I reboot pfsense, the client automatically connects. However, I can't get out onto the internet over this vpn connection until I manually restart the openvpn client service again.

  • System logs? OpenVPN logs?.... "No Internet" isn't a particularly helpful description. Can you ping for example? What error messages are returned to you, if any? For example, if you use a web browser to go somewhere, what specific error does it give you? Timeout? Can't resolve address? etc etc.

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