OpenVPN on wan interface PPPoE

  • Hello,

    I am a beginner in pfSense and i kindly ask for your help. I have installed the latest version on a 8 port hardware machine. I have setup my interfaces: I have 3 WAN interfaces all of the PPPoE. How do I setup OpenVPN to accept connections on these interfaces? I have switched one of the WAN to static ip address and i was able to setup OpenVPN server on it and it works. But if i want to setup on a PPPoE interface i get an error (An IPv4 protocol was selected, but the selected interface has no IPv4 address). that the interface does not have a ipv4 ip (it will get the ip when connected) and second ... how do I download the vpn client for windows with it there is no ip address? Theoretically i know the ip address of each PPPoE interface but there is no place to set it up while configuring the interface.

    How to overcome this and how to make sure that the client vpn (windows executable) has an ip embeded inside? Also if i want to listed on all 3 interfacrec i read that I need to setup 3 ports, right ?

    If there a way to setup like a virtual interface for VPN (static ip?!?) and then tell that interface to listed thought the wan (pppoe) interface ?

    Thank you


  • @vladagri When setting up vpn server, is the pppoe up?
    I just tried to setup a new vpn server listiening on pppoe interface and worked with no issues

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