slow openvpn - windows only client

  • Guys, I have a problem. I have a pfsense server and I installed the openvpn package. But I have the following problem, when transferring an openvpn client file to the seridor. It works normally. But when I want to copy some files from the server, the transfer speed does not exceed 100 kbps. The intenert on the server has 20 MB ful and on the client a broad band of 140 mb. Remember that when using winscp for example I can get all speed without any slowness. Both for sending and receiving.

  • First off, keep upper and lower case straight when discussing bandwidth and speeds. For example, B = bytes and b = bits. Also, a 140 mb, that's millibit connection which would be damn slow. Perhaps you meant Mb, which would be a decent bandwidth. Also, do your Internet connections have symmetrical or asymmetrical bandwidth? It's often asymmetrical, which means you're going to be limited by the uplink bandwidth at both ends. Now you say 100 kbps. Is that supposed to be bits or bytes? If bytes, then it works out to a 800 kb/s, which is a typical value for some ADSL uplinks.

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