Add IPv6 network to BGP address-family

  • When adding a IPv6 network to the ipv6 address-family, the config errors about it being an invalid IPv4 address.

    tnsr(config-route-dynamic-bgp-server)# address-family ipv6 unicast
    tnsr(config-bgp-af)# network 2606:4800::/32
    CLI syntax error: "network 2606:4800::/32": Invalid IPv4 address

  • Netgate Administrator

    What TNSR version are you running? It looks like you may be on an older version that 19.05 where that should work.


  • Indeed it was. Thought I could install via the non-trial ISO on top of the trial install. Was expecting it to wipe the partitions and start over but apparently did not. Did the package upgrade to 19.05 and the CLI took the command as expected.

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