Tool(s) for Documenting Current pfSense Installation?

  • Hello, I am looking for software tools that can facilitate documenting a current pfSense installation. I read about pfFocus, but it required the installation of a series of packages on a workstation and the instructions were not straightforward--not to mentioned it was very complicated to use. I'm looking for something easy to configure that can possibly read the contents of the backup .XML files from pfSense and produce printable documentation of the current setup of a system. The ease of configuration is important as I need something that can be set up rather quickly, as I currently do not completely master Python (which is what pfFocus uses).

    I realize I could go screen by screen in pfSense and print the results to a .PDF file, but the margins and page setups might leave a lot of information out of the picture.

    Looking for such a tool due to anticipated required changes in an installation but would like to document the current setup in human-readable form before starting to do changes.

    Any input on this would be very much appreciated.

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