Routing missing from OpenVPN server-client after working previously?

  • Just encountered a weird issue. I had setup OpenVPN server on PFsense last week, and had been able to connect previously with no issues.

    This morning I went to connect on and although I connected onto the tunnel network ( fine, I had no access to the LAN network (

    Doing a ping and a packet capture on both sides showed that the ping was reaching the LAN network, but the response was not being received at the tunnel. After comparing with another client setup the same way, I found there was no route to the LAN network being pushed to the connection.

    Manually adding push "route" resolved the issue, but I am a bit concerned how this happened after working previously.

  • LAYER 8 Rebel Alliance

    Using the IPv4 Local network(s) Box is doing the very same than push "route" in Custom options.


  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    Using Local Network(s) is the preferred method because pfSense has a way to know about the networks there in the configuration.

    It is synonymous with the push route as has been said. Doing both should be harmless though will probably result in a logged error on the client side when the client tries to add the route to the routing table a second time. This can make people chase their tails for nothing.

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