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  • Hi

    I have been using OpenVPN through UDP/1194 since many years now. Unfortunately the company has blocked any outgoing VPN hence I've created a new config using the wizard.
    All fine, I've tried UDP 80, UDP 8080, TCP 443, UDP 443 and in all cases I can connect to my firewall but I can't access my home network

    This is regardless of the company firewall, it also happens when I use my mobile as a hotspot.
    Only with UDP 1194 I can connect my home network.
    I have compared all settings line by line and they are equal (except protocol/port). What else can I do to make this work?

    I would really appreciate your support. Many thanks in advance


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    Show your OpenVPN Config and Firewall Rules (Screenshots).


  • Thanks Rico

    As requested, screenshots attached. As client I use Viscosity with exported inline configuration. No Change on the client itself. any other files / screenshots needed, just let me know

    OpenVPN Servers.jpg
    FW Rules.jpg

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    You can't have 4 OpenVPN Server active sharing the same tunnel network.
    Disable three of them and try again.
    You should stick with UDP...


  • Ahh, didn't know that. I will try that today when I'm back home

    UDP is my prefered protocol for that but unfortunately blocked by the company hence TCP....


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    They completely block or sniff into UDP packets?
    You could maybe get around it by enabling TLS Encryption, depending on what they do.


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    I'd disable the UDP/1194, TCP/443, TCP/8080 Instance, enable TLS Encryption for UDP/8080 - restart the Instance and give it a try.


  • @webdb said in OpenVPN through different Port:

    Unfortunately the company has blocked any outgoing VPN hence I've created a new config using the wizard.

    In some companies, that can get you fired. Many companies have strict policies on what you can do with THEIR network.

  • I'm with user @JKnott here -- do you hate your job there? Do you want to perhaps receive disciplanary action or even get terminated just so you can use a VPN on the company's network and on the company's time?

    I don't know your specific company, but they have likely blocked VPNs for a reason and may not take kindly to attempts by you to circumvent the restriction. At the Fortune 500 US company where I worked what you are attempting on a first offense would at a minimum get you time off without pay to reflect upon your actions. And a second offense would get you an escorted trip to HR and then the parking lot -- permanently banned (as in terminated).

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