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  • Hello all! I am in the process of migrating from a traditional home network setup with a consumer grade router to a mini enterprise style using PFSense as my firewall and Ubiquiti as my wifi. Until I am able to verify that I do not need my home router, I am having my fiber optic modem plug into that first and then from there LAN port 1 on the router(ASUS RT-AC3100) plugs into port 0/2 on my Dell PowerEdge server running XenCenter. Port 0/1 on my Dell server is then connecting my 48-port HPE switch that then connects the rest of my house.

    On my PFSense installation, I have NIC 0 set as my LAN connection that feeds the virtual machines and my switch. I have NIC 1 set as the WAN connection coming from my router. I have the network for WAN as so it can communicate with my router. I have NIC 1 as so it won't overlap. DHCP is enabled on the PFSense. Clients are grabbing the IP but cannot resolve past that to the default gateway I have setup in PFSense as NIC 1. What am I doing wrong here? It is a very vanilla installation of PFSense. Thanks!

  • https://docs.netgate.com/pfsense/en/latest/routing/connectivity-troubleshooting.html

    Check these one by one. It's pretty much always something from this list. Also, popular convention here is to have your WAN on the primary interface and LANs on the rest and then order them the same way when configuring pfSense. If you're desperate, you could try swapping the cables and then going to console and redefining your interfaces. Probably a meaningless action, but I've seen weirder things.

  • I think I found it...I had too many default gateways listed. I removed all but the one it should be (after much careful thought) and I finally got it to work. I did not know that list existed, so thank you!

    My problem now is for some reason my throughput is being throttled. There are no rules other than what vanilla install has. My connection is 1gb/1gb through my ISP and I am getting .01/.01. I am going crazy trying to figure this out.

  • It has been a while but if I remember correctly you need to tweak Xenserver to fix that problem. I think these are the correct instructions, at least the ones I used, to address that problem. Running pfSense in XenServer

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