WebGui Won't Load after OpenVPN Client Drops (2.4.4)

  • I use pfSense at home primarily to provide a PIA VPN connection to my entire home network via an OpenVPN connection. Works great.

    Every now and then (more frequently lately), the connection to PIA drops, and I lose all connectivity. The solution to this is simply to disable and then reenable the OpenVPN client. Since upgrading to 2.4.4, however, whenever the VPN connection drops, I am unable to log in across the LAN to the pfSense WebGUI. I get the main page where I can enter my credentials, but it just grinds and grinds and never loads. (I have let it try for a good 10 minutes before, just to see.) Since the pfSense box runs headless, I end up having to power cycle it to restore connectivity. Once back up and running, I can access the WebGUI instantly once again. I did not experience this issue with any previous version of pfSense.

    Any thoughts?


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    Check Disable the Dashboard auto-update check in System > Update > Update Settings
    and see if that helps.
    BTW: It is always better to SSH into your pfSense and do a clean reboot besides hard power cut.


  • Thanks for the response. I will give that a try and see what happens when the VPN next drops. Not sure I see how it will help, though. Doesn't the system upgrade check only commence AFTER you've successfully logged in to the GUI?

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