CP Quota limit with Freeradius/MySQL

  • Hi all!

    I have a Captive Portal running with Freeradius set up with a MySQL server that holds the user data.
    This works, but now I need to limit the data quota for the users per day, week or month.

    Has anybody done this and have some tips or instructions? I have made some tests, but until now without success.

    The quota management works fine when running it locally within Freeradius, but when using MySQL it doesn't...

    Thanks in advance!

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    @jarlel this is the forum for pfSense software, not for FreeRADIUS. If you are seeking for what FreeRADIUS can and can't do for Authentication/Authorization/Accounting when using a MySQL backend, i would suggest you to ask their mailing list : https://freeradius.org/community/

    To reply you shortly however, yes what you are looking for is possible, using the rlm_sql_counter module.

  • @jarlel said in CP Quota limit with Freeradius/MySQL:

    but when using MySQL it doesn't...

    FreeRadius needs a book-keeping system where it stores its working data.
    A file system based method exists.
    MySQL can also be used, as many other databases. Up to you to create a database with tables that contain the correct fields etc.

    When you setup a limited amount of up- and download traffic for a user like this :


    You'll be seeing lines in the log :


    When the quota (dialy in my case) is consumed, you see a line like this in the captive portal page :


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