CPU usage displaying pfSense dashboard

  • I have two pfsense systems, my main system, running 2.4.4-p3 and a test system running 2.5.0-development system. Both of these systems are relatively lightly loaded, especially the test system, which has only one client. The systems are running on a windows hyper-v 2019 server. I'm using chrome.

    I have the following items on the dashboards:

    system information
    traffic graphs
    services status
    snort alerts

    The cpu usage to display the dashboards on both systems seems to be quite high, enough to cause the cpu fan to come on. If l log out, the cpu usage drops and the fan turns off. On the hyper-v manager, without being logged into the dashboard, the cpu usage is around 1-2% but jumps up to 10-12% when logged in, with no other load changes. It seems excessive and I don't recall seeing it before.

    Is anyone else noticing this?

  • You didn't say what you were running the hypervisor on. I'm running VMware on Xeon E5s and when logged in my cpu use bounces between 3-8% on a dual-core VM.

  • I'm running it on an HP Proliant ML150 G6 with Xeon E5504 (2 GHz), 24 GB of RAM and 2 GB raid. It's not exactly a beast, but nothing else that I open up in chrome on this machine has such a noticeable effect on cpu usage. It doesn't make any difference whether chrome is running directly on the hypervisor or in a guest.

  • @bimmerdriver On my Hyper-V 2012 R2 install, the processor does same (actually 30%). I suspect it's the I/O graph et al updating. You did pay for 100% of the processor, so might as well use it! :) I wouldn't sweat it.

  • @provels I literally do sweat it. When the pfsense gui is open, the CPU fan increases speed due to the higher power consumption. As soon as I log out of the pfsense gui, it slows back down.

  • So, um, logout? Everything burns cycles, even having the Hyper-v console open.

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