Can't ping the Internet from LAN

  • Good evening,

    I recently made an ESXi configuration in which I have:

    • a LAN on, which consists of a Linux Client, a Windows Client and a DHCP Server.
    • a DMZ on, with a Linux Client
    • pfSense Firewall is placed between the LAN and the DMZ and is the default gateway to the WAN on

    pfSense interfaces are:

    • LAN side:
    • DMZ side:
    • WAN side:

    The clients on the LAN obtain the IP from the DHCP server correctly (.128 and .129) and are set to connect them to the default gateway on The Linux Client in the DMZ has a default gateway of

    All of my devices can ping between them, so they "recognize" each other in the network, but the problem is that none of them is able to ping the internet. I'm not even able to ping from the pfSense console.

    I installed pfSense and left it as it is, I haven't added any additional rules.

    Thank you in advance,


  • LAYER 8 Rebel Alliance

    Seems you have a wrong WAN configuration.
    Explain your connection type and share configuration screenshots.


  • Does pfSense receive the WAN address via DHCP from some external router/DHCP server? Can you post a screenshot of your outbound NAT rules? Might be something you want to fix there. Also make sure the firewall rules allow for ICMP echo requests outbounds.

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