PfSense on Hyper-V - applying reboot-patch

  • Hey guys,

    just changed our firewall from monowall to pfsense and we have to say: we are very impressed, great job guys!!

    Only one tiny-little-thing:

    When running pfSense within Hyper-V you can not stop the machine correctly.

    A possible Workaround: powershell-command (> Get-WmiObject -Namespace root\virtualization msvm_computersystem | Format-Table ElementName, ProcessId) + powershell-command (kill ID).

    I found some russian guy who published a manual how to patch the freeBSD-Kernel to fix this:

    Here go the commands:

    cd /tmp


    cd /usr/src/

    bzcat < /path/to/fbs71-200809-hv.patch.bz2 | patch -p1

    make buildkernel

    make installkernel

    shutdown -r now

    My problem: /usr/src is not in the installation-iso within pfsense - i do not want to play around with new kernel sources, so, my questions is:

    1. where do i get your kernel to patch it myself
    2. can't you patch your kernel with this patch so that hyper-v is happy and plays with pfsense? ;)

    Thank you,

  • anybody?

  • There is already a post relating to this under the Virtulisation section of the forum dating back to October 8th 2008,,12157.0.html

    There would appear to be no dev's willing to help out in fixing this. I could donate a valid M$ 2008 key to any dev's wishing to give it a go!

  • There is a discussion going on about this in freebsd-hackers@ and this doesn't seem like a bug is a meter of a workaround for Hyper-V.
    Lets where it ends and if a patch will be commited.

  • I'd also greatly appreciate it if this was implemented. I'm in strictly MS environement going from Virtual PC/Virtual Server to Hyper-V. I've used m0n0wall before, but (as expected) it doesn't even begin to start under Hyper-V. pfSense is so very close apart from this issue.

    I've talked to a number of people that are in the same situation…we need a good firewall, router for testing/production use under Hyper-V and I'd be very happy if pfSense would be the one (I've tried the latest 2.0 Alpha Snapshots and it remains unchanged there).

  • We have it working under Hyper-V for a couple of clients.

    The trick is to use the emulated network card.

  • DimitriRodis could you please provide additional details. Which version are you using, do you have it installed on a HDD or are you using a LiveCD. Are you able to restart/shut it down without it hanging?

    I'm naturally also using the Legacy Network adapters…is that what you mean by "emulated network card"?

    Any information would be greatly appreciated.

  • @DimitriRodis:

    We have it working under Hyper-V for a couple of clients.

    The trick is to use the emulated network card.

    No one is saying they can't get it working, its trouble stopping it working we are having  :P

    Again this should really be in the Virtulisation section of the forum.

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