Squid Logs - Hex data?

  • Can anyone explain why certain Addresses appear encoded in the Squid logs?

    TAG_NONE/400 %3E8%F3%19p%085H%CE%9A%1CE%F2%B8%9A
    TAG_NONE/400 NN;*uha%88%A2%9B%01%92%E3%A8%C9
    TAG_NONE/400 %B2%F4%DB&%AD%A2%A8%AE%A9l%C9%FD%5E%19%90

    Is this an issue with Squid or are some devices encrypting URLs?

  • I don't think I've ever seen that before. Do you have a relatively default config or are you doing anything custom?

  • Pretty much defaults. At first I thought it might be an infected device but I see similar traffic on different devices with different OS's.

    I'm running transparent http/https splice all

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