Floating firewall rules not moving traffic to queues

  • Hi,

    I've moved to using a pfSense router. I was previously running DHCP and DNS on a box on my network, with a modem / router doing routing.

    Been trying to setup 4 traffic classes.

    • VoIP
    • Streaming
    • Default
    • Background Transfers

    I used the pfSense Wizard to create the basic queues and firewall rules, then manually create the additional queues (Streaming and Background).

    Background is limited to a single IP on the network. Streaming is assigned to an alias, tied to a bunch of IP addresses (Chromecast(s) / TV).

    When looking at the queues I get traffic in the default queue and VoIP, but I never get anything in the Streaming or Background queues. My assumption is there is an issue with the floating firewall rules.



    Floating Rules

    Example Rule:
    Example Rule
    Example Rule2

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