Pass L2TP/IPsec to firewall behind pfSense

  • I have a temporary server in place for someone while their office moves. This other office uses L2TP/IPsec tunnels to VPN to their server. I have hooked up their Meraki firewall behind my pfSense and on my pfSense I have NAT'd UDP 1701, UDP 4500, UDP 500, and protocol ESP to the IP of the Meraki. Not getting through. I've turned on logging for the firewall rules that NAT automatically creates and a pic of those are below, too.

    Below is a pic of the NAT rules pertaining to this issue:
    Annotation 2019-06-28 174500.png

    Below is a pic of the firewall rules that were logged.
    Annotation 2019-06-28 175512.png

    Thanks for looking.


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