how to bypass a List of specific IP through pfsense

  • Hi I want to bypass few IP addresses to bypass my PFsense. So that they can talk to any private IP which is connected via a VPN. All they want to access a SERVER which is located outside our network and they have been accessing it via a VPN but after I installed pfsense they are not able to connect form it. They are working on a client side so using a client VPN. Is there is a possible way to give them access to bypass pfsense. Please help me I am writing this issue from one month with different aspects but did not get a permanent solution for it.

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    Illustrate your Network, pfSense and VPN setup in detail and we can help you.


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  • We are using OPEN VPN that is configured by our cloud server that is established in different geo location. We only installed and used their given credentials to log in and connect to VPN that time we are not using Pfsense or you can say we are working in a unsecured network but after using pfsense we are not able to work on our cloud server, every time we hit the Dyanamic DNS it goes to server's ip address is not reachable. And if we try same thing through a AIRTEL WIF(modem/open /hotspot device) , it works fine.

    How can i resolve it.
    Do I have to configure the VPN or any setting that may be i can use in pfsense.

    help me.

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