help with wan static address

  • Good afternoon,

    I'm new here, I've been studying a lot these days and I've made a lot of progress.
    I'm configuring my WAN in pfsense with static ip, but it does not work as expected.

    I changed the WAN settings this way:
    Static IPv4
    Disable IPv6
    Ip: 177.xx.xx.90
    And I added a new Gateway 177.xx.xx.89
    The mask provided by my ISP is, so I used / 30 I tried it too / 24

    The network card flashes slowly.
    When accessing the status interface it stays: no carrier

    These same settings on an ordinary router work normally.
    Another class of ip also worked ...
    If I provide another address on this network card it works, then this is not the problem ...
    Anyone know what it could be?


  • Rebel Alliance Moderator

    @Galbiere said in help with wan static address:

    When accessing the status interface it stays: no carrier

    No carrier means that - that interface has no connection to anything or the cable is faulty.

  • @JeGr thanks for answering

    is exactly that the problem, if I put this same cable on an ordinary router it works normally.
    I tested it on another UTM and another router recently, strange as it sounds in pfsense does not recognize, but on other platforms it works, alias, I'm using it now

  • Hi @JeGr how are you?

    After much research I discovered the reason for my failure.
    In the WAN interface I selected in Speed ​​and Duplex the autoselect option. This caused the firewall to recognize the connection and identified it as
    <10baseT / UTP <full duplex, flowcontrol, rxpause, txpause>

    Problem solved.

    Thank you

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