Slower performance on esxi than direct

  • I haven't tried another configuration yet. But i'm looking to see if this is at least in part to the "hair pin routing" issue i've seen mentioned. due to my cable modem being on a vlan.

    My cable modem plugs into my switch, on a 1gbps port native to vlan 10. I have a 40gbps qsfp+ trunk going to my esxi box, on my pfsense box i have 1 nic assigned to a port group that is native to vlan 10 for wan, and another nic assigned to a port group native to vlan1. both esxi nics are vmxnet3 and both have "directpath i/o" turned on.

    I am configured this way because I plan on running CARP with another pfsense vm on a seperate vmware host.

    when i plug the cable modem directly into my desktop and run speed tests i get 1gbps down. However, through virtualized pfsense i can't seem to break 500mbps down.

    Any thoughts on the issue?

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