HAproxy - sub directory not being redirected.

  • Hi,

    Anyone able to tell me what I'm doing wrong here? Most of my services are run on sub domains and work perfectly, However, for SSO to work I need Plex to be a sub directory. My dashboard service (Organizr) is at mydomain.com, and for plex I have told it to point to mydomain.com/plex. So, the relevant part of my config currently looks something like this:

    frontend shared-frontend-merged
    	acl			ACL1	var(txn.txnhost) -m str -i mydomain.co.uk
    	acl			ACLPlex	var(txn.txnpath) -m beg -i /plex
    use_backend Organizr_ipvANY  if  ACL1 
    	use_backend Plex_ipvANY  if  ACLPlex 

    Yet when I try to access Plex through Organizr I'm faced with a 404 served up by nginx. Have I missed something obvious?

  • @wontbeherelong
    Does it work when accessed outside of haproxy directly on your lan network? 'http://<IP-of-your-plex-server>/plex/'

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