Whitelisting dnsbl does not work

  • Hi,

    Trying to whitelist an IP site which is being blocked by an existing black list. ( I do not want to disable the list since it is very useful but has this false positive) Created a permit IP inbound list to which I added the ip address of the web site. Did a force reload of filters and still the web site is not being allows.

    Went to the report DNSBL section and found the web site IP that I want to unblock and selected the + icon to add it to the whitelist. Again did a force reload(cron job) and still the web site is not being permitted. ( if I do the unlock icon it is unlocked for an hour and when the cron job runs it locks it back. I want to permanently allow the web site).

    What is the proper steps to permanently unblock or permit a web site.
    I am using pfblockerng-develop version 2.2.5_23.


  • @cjbujold said in Whitelisting dnsbl does not work:

    a force reload(cron job)

    You should do a Force Reload DNSBL or ALL. Cron will only process the Whitelist if the Feed that contain it is downloaded.

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