Trying to ping pfSense as an OpenVPN client, but no response

  • Hi,

    I'll get right into it. I setup an OpenVPN server on a cloud machine which I'm trying to use as the bridge for a site-to-site connection from my pfSense at home. I successfully connected pfSense to the cloud server as well as a personal device. However, although I can ping my personal device from the VPN server (using the VPN connection), I cannot ping my pfSense box.

    I don't think I need to configure an outbound NAT here because I don't want devices behind the pfSense to use the VPN for normal everyday traffic. The primary function of the VPN setup is so I can connect to the pfSense at home from anywhere without worrying about my ISP changing my public IP.

    So far I have my default outbound NAT rules that work for my WAN interfaces and devices within my pfSense still get my home IP versus my VPN server's IP.

    Is there any way to configure client-to-client communication on pfSense without outbound NAT stuff where pfSense itself is a client? Thanks.

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