iperf, bare metal 940Mb - Proxmox virt. 750

  • Hi,

    So I finally bought a Supermicro Atom C3758 motherboard.
    it's 8 cores and my initial though was to run PF virtualized.

    Now, ESXi and XEN/XCP-ng can't recognice the builtin (intel) network card, but Proxmox does, so.. proxmox it is.

    I can't passthrough the network ports directly to PFsense (I guess it's because it's 4 ports in 1 network card)

    So I have to virtualize a WAN and LAN port in Proxmox.

    I then in PFsense disabled hardware checksum offloading, and ran iperf.
    Here I get 750Mbits/sec in bandwith.

    I tried running PFsense on baremetal, here I get 942.
    I know the difference is rather small, but I wan't to chase this a bit anyway.

    Does anyone know if there might be a setting I missed, or could this be becuase of the virtualised network?
    Would it then help to add a PCI network card with 2 ports, so I can dedicate the whole network card to the PFsense VM?

    Thanks for any suggestions.

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