Problem with starting the service squidguard 1.16.18_1 + squid 0.4.44_8 + Netgate XG-7100 vers 2.4.4-RELEASE (amd64)

  • Bonjour,

    Nous n'arrivons pas à démarrer les 2 services squid et squidguard.
    Pouvez-vous nous apporter de l'aide?


    Hello all,

    We can not start the squid and squidguard services. They are constantly stopped.
    Can you help us?

    Best regards

  • Anything in the System log? Anything in squid's logs? Squidguard is called by squid, so if squid isn't running then squidguard will not be running. Note that squidguard isn't a proper service; it's a helper application called by squid for every URL being requested.

  • Hi @KOM

    Unfortunately the log and cache directories do not have any data (/var/squid/cache & /var/squid/logs)
    Maybe because the service did not start? So they did not generate any files.

    Best regards

  • If squid starts and then dies due to some reason, it should be logged in Status - System Logs. What do you get if you shell in and run:

    squid -k parse


    squid -k reconfigure