[Feature Request] OpenVPN Fallback IP List

  • I have a couple VPN Acccounts, and it seems to me, that every VPN provider I have looked at, all have lists of servers available for connection.

    One of the VPN Servers that I use, goes down from time to time, every couple of weeks, and if I am not there to put another server into the config, there is a disruption of service.

    It would be mighty cool if I could add a list of servers for a specific OpenVPN config, that would be rotated through on connection, or ping failure.

    Even cooler if that ping failure could be custom, so that every X amount of minutes a host is pinged through the VPN connection and if the ping fails the server is rotated.

    Any thoughts?

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    If they all use the same general settings you can put additional remote entries in the extra configuration settings at the bottom of the client configuration.

    remote host [port] [proto]
    Remote host name or IP address. On the client, multiple --remote options may be specified for redundancy, each referring to a different OpenVPN server.