Default Settings

  • Is it possible for me to change the default settings ( Diagnostics –--> Factory) to custom settings?

    Purpose for this is so I can customize the box and if a client messes up the settings I can have them click that to reset to my specified settings.


  • This is a good idea - could also be called "last know good".

  • I'd say "do a backup before delivery", which seems an obvious thing to do to me!

    When^WIf they cock it up, or if it fails, you've got your "known good" config.

  • Ya, have each system on a backup. But there has to be a way to change the default setting file without the need to reset up vlans etc, etc :-\ hmmm. I will dig around, in the meantime if anyone has done this already, plz educate.

  • Everyone is entitled to make a mistake once and a while, this is my chance to shine :) I did not realize the backup/restore option was so easy to use and dummy proof.  Once again you guys have thought of everything. Amazing!

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