• Hello,
    Odd problem, one device we have PFB on does not seem to be currently blocking IP feed list (DNSDBL is working)


    1. Setup is the same as other PFB setups on other devices that work fine
    2. We have all list as Alias Native so we can pick the ordering
    3. Rules had been added to an interface, configured, then copied to other interfaces. (to keep user error down)
    4. The same rules on our WAN interface(s) seem fine and are blocking. the outbound interfaces do not seem to work
    5. outbound rules are "reject" (wan is blocking) Changing the not working rules to block does nothing
    6. Other rules on the interfaces are processing fine
    7. Service is started
    8. on the latest version of PFB and PF

    Not sure what is missing

    Any help would be great!!

  • So, Not really sure why this happened as it seemed to be working fine.
    But, uninstalled then reinstalled pfB.
    Deleted all pfB rules on all interfaces that had not been working and set them up one by one.

    Now all seems to be working

    So a question..
    Is there any problem setting up a rule for pfB and then coping to another interface without causing a problem? (Even if copying from a WAN rule to a LAN interface)
    I don't think there has been a problem before doing this, but want to verify.
    This time around we changed the description on each rule to include the interface name and did not copy rules.

    Not sure if this "was" really the fix.