Gateway and static route configuration.

  • Hello,

    I have OpenVPN installed in my router and decided to enable the interface, I did restart the OpenVPN server and re-saved the configuration of the server afterwards, it worked without any problem.

    The issue I have is that when I entered the static route configuration of the OpenVPN subnetwork and hit Save, the route assigns the WAN interface to it and the OVPN servers stops routing properly, I assigned the automatic generated gateway to that route without success and the only solution was to reboot the entire router.

    After the reboot I noticed that the OpenVPN gateway OS level is the next IP of the OpenVPN server gateway for clients. (i.e. the client ovpn gateway =, the ovpn internal working gateway = ).

    My question is, how can I solve this without rebooting the router? What configuration should the gateways and the static route should have or how they can be recreated on-the-fly?

    Thanks for your help

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