HAproxy: right way to redirect old domain?

  • We run a webserver behind HAproxy on pfsense, with wordpress in it (docker containers, btw).
    Works great.

    Now we have other URLs/domains (= customer bought another company) which should be silently forwarded to our main domain. I set up a CNAME record ... and wonder how to solve that:

    wordpress doesn't know about the old domain names, so the redirect should happen before somehow.

    I played with some ACLs etc but so far didn't succeed. Does anyone have a nice pointer for me?

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    Two different domain should be forwarded to the same website ? rewrite condition for apache/nginx is not a solution?

  • @kiokoman I think, no: there has to be SSL/TLS at the front, so I need a LE-cert and a frontend for that, right? Otherwise the cert for the new domain wouldn't match the URL of the old domain.

    I look for the right "layer" on which to solve that in an elegant and correct way.

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    if it's only for letsencrypt you can add all the domains you want inside the same cert.
    expand the cert with the new domain, the flag for certbot is -d DOMAINS "Comma-separated list of domains to obtain a certificate for"
    in any case maybe someone else can give you a better solution.

  • @kiokoman customer doesn't want such a multi-domain cert ... ;-)

    So I want a second HA-frontend with the matching cert for the old domain (I have that already) .. and this one should redirect. I think of some HAproxy-rule or a lua-file or so.

  • @kiokoman what a point use backend redirect when you have haproxy?

  • @sgw you not need lua, doh. Try send answer but banned by antispam lol... Send you help in pm

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    that's why i said "maybe someone else can give you a better solution"
    but i think that after 2 month he already solved the problem...

  • thread is obsolete now (at least for us): moved the containers to an external host and solved the forwarding within traefik. thanks all ...

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