why gmail accnt can't syn in google chrome.

  • Hello everyone, i have a question for content filtering or site blocking. what is the best way on how to block all website then allow whitelist website sample ("gmail, yahoo, globe.shop.com.ph")

    ill tried config
    using squid proxy

    Install Squid & configure
    Install Squidguard & configure
    Configure WPAD
    Force users to use proxy by blocking tcp80,443
    in squidguard, common acl , searchengine to whitelist
    in squidguard, common acl , webmail to whitelist
    In Squidguard, target categories, ill add manual domain of gmail.
    In Squidguard, set default ACL to Deny

    but my problem is why gmail account cant sync. if i try logging in my account, it will log out immediately

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