Proxmox 5.4 not reporting the right amount of memory used by pfsense 2.4

  • Hi community

    I was wondering if i could fix this issue:

    Proxmox indicates that i am using 82% of memory while pfsense uses actually 11% - This pfsense belongs to a cluster and the other router behave exactly the same on the second hypervisor.
    Mem: 20M Active, 165M Inact, 404M Wired, 232K Buf, 3325M Free
    ARC: 168M Total, 42M MFU, 121M MRU, 448K Anon, 652K Header, 4257K Other 55M Compressed, 142M Uncompressed, 2.60:1 Ratio
    Swap: 2048M Total, 2048M Free

    The top command reports the same thing

    I saw this thread install quemu-guest-agent
    Does someone have any input about it?