OpenVPN with Torguard ignoring LAN rule to bypass VPN for specific hosts

  • I setup PFSense to use a Torguard VPN using this guide

    It's all working, but Netflix thinks I am using a proxy - I assume because the IP I am coming from is marked as a known proxy/bypass IP. That's fine.

    I did some research about how to get certain hosts to bypass the VPN and go directly out via my normal gateway. I found several posts that outlined this procedure:

    1. Create an Alias for the hosts I want to bypass the VPN for - done

    2. Create a LAN firewall rule with the following settings:
      Interface - LAN - done
      Source - Single host or Alias, set to created Alias - done
      Set Advanced Option - Gateway to WAN Gateway - done

    I've done this, and traffic from the hosts I specified is still sent over the VPN.

    What am I missing - I've tried options from about 20 other hosts with no results.

    WIll keep looking into it, but does anyone have any suggestions?

    Edit: In the rules list, the created rule is not showing any traffic as having transited it, and yes it is the first rule in the list (below the Anti-Lockout rule)

  • I have this working with no issue with three other providers you probably better post some screenshots

  • @bcruze
    Thanks for the reply.

    Lesson to myself. Don't add IP's to an alias list when it's late at night and you are tired.. will not work for the desktop with the IP address for some strange unknown reason...:)

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