Block web-access from the WLAN network

  • Hi,

    I'm using pfsense with a wireless card on a WRAP board. The WLAN is bridged with the LAN.

    I want to black all HTTPS (443) traffic from the wireless network to my WRAP board. So it wouldn't be possible to access the web interface from the WLAN network.

    I made this rule on the WLAN interface:

    Block - TCP - Source: from WLAN network any port - Dest: IP of WRAP port 443
    Allow any any

    Now I can access the web interface, how is that possible?

  • There are 2 options at system>advanced:

    If you have not enabled the filtering bridge traffic between the 2 bridged interfaces is not filtered.

    This rule is invisible and prevents from shutting down access to the webgui. If you are sure your rules are correct and you don't lock yourself out completely disable this hidden rule.

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